HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces New JBL Entertainment KP G2 Series Karaoke Loudspeakers and Subwoofer


HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced new JBL KP G2 Series karaoke loudspeakers for the China and APAC markets.

Expanding on the KP6000, KP4000 and KP2000 Series, KP G2 Series loudspeakers provide karaoke venues with class-leading sound quality, rock-solid reliability and a reimagined design with a sleek, modern aesthetic. Specially tuned for karaoke, KP G2 Series loudspeakers provide exceptional clarity for vocals and extended bass response for music. With a contemporary design and an illuminated JBL Entertainment logo, KP G2 speakers provide a stylish look that will elevate any KTV venue. The KP G2 Series includes eleven models of passive loudspeakers with woofers ranging from 10 to 15 inches, as well as a matched passive subwoofer.

“In the highly competitive world of KTV, venue owners have to continuously improve the karaoke experience for their customers,” said Karam Kaul, VP, Audio, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “While the original KP Series propelled JBL to the industry-leading karaoke-speaker brand, the KP G2 Series continues that legacy by providing the legendary JBL karaoke sound customers know and love in a reimagined and stylish design that can easily upgrade the aesthetics of any KTV room.” 

Continuing JBL’s iconic heritage in karaoke speakers and audio performance, the KP G2 Series delivers premium sound quality specifically tailored to KTV applications. With custom-tuned woofers ranging from 10 to 15 inches, KP G2 speakers deliver deep, rich bass with low distortion and excellent power handling. High-efficiency tweeters produce clear, detailed highs for outstanding vocal intelligibility. The KP6018SG2 subwoofer is equipped with a long-excursion cone driver for extended bass response, making it the ideal solution for extending the low-frequency response of existing KP Series systems. 

A striking, modern design gives the KP G2 Series a stylish aesthetic, well suited for a wide range of KTV venues. All KP G2 speakers (with the exception of the KP6018SG2 subwoofer) feature a highly recognizable illuminated JBL Entertainment logo, allowing venue owners to showcase the quality of their sound system. Constructed using durable materials and quality components, KP G2 Series speakers are built to last, ensuring years of reliable performance. 

The KP G2 Series consists of eleven speaker models plus a passive subwoofer, providing enough flexibility to suit karaoke venues of all sizes. The KP8055, KP2015G2, KP6015G2 and KP4015G2 loudspeakers feature 15-inch woofers, the KP8052, KP2012G2, KP6012G2 and KP4012G2 loudspeakers feature 12-inch woofers, the KP2010G2, KP6010G2 and KP4010G2 loudspeakers feature 10-inch woofers and the KP6018SG2 subwoofer features an 18-inch woofer.


The JBL KP8055 ($1,285), KP8052 ($1172.50), KP6015G2 ($1,020), KP6012G2 ($920), KP6010G2 ($720) and KP6018SG2 subwoofer ($1,020) are available now. The JBL KP4015G2 ($872.50), KP4012G2 ($757.50), KP4010G2 ($652.50), KP2015G2 ($700), KP2012G2 ($607.50) and KP2010G2 ($517.50) will be available in 2020. For more information, please visit JBLPro.com.