JBL Column Loudspeakers Designed to perform without compromise

JBL columns have been designed with specific applications in mind which address the architectural/ acoustic challenges and mitigate the inherent acoustical issues typically found in column loudspeakers

Typical compromises and how JBL address this

JBL CBT column loudspeakers over a versatile solution for all markets with customized driver technology without the need to compromise on power or fidelity. Column loudspeakers naturally change the dispersion characteristics and are subject to lobing at different frequencies resulting in an uneven experience across the audience area. The JBL CBT range passive electronics allows for an even audio coverage experience for the whole audience.

JBL patented Constant Beamwidth TechnologyTM was originally conceived for Sonar systems, it counters the tendency for the beam to narrow at high frequencies and avoids the unpleasant side lobes which occur when you stack drivers in a straight line.

    • CBT 50LA-1

    • CBT 50LA-LS

    • CBT 100LA-1

    • CBT 100LA-LS

    • CBT 70J-1

    • CBT 70J-1 + 70JE-1 System

    • CBT 200LA-1

    • CBT 1000

    • CBT 1000 + 1000E System

A single JBL Intellivox unit can replace the need for multiple loudspeakers allowing the flexibility of location whilst maintaining a discreet appearance. Easy to install and maintain the JBL Intellivox series is the ultimate for intelligibility in difficult scenarios and can shape beams better than anyone else. Where other solutions typically use beam steering to shape the sound this causes unwanted interference and uneven performance, JBL Intellivox beam shaping creates a single coherent beam of sound and can even reject audio where you don’t want it.

Unique to Intellivox DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) allows you to tailor your audio coverage and sculpts it to customize the sound to suit your venue. Allowing the user to select which audience areas need coverage and which surfaces to avoid, DDA will automatically generate the ideal beam shape to match your specifications.

    • Intellivox HP-DS170

    • Intellivox HP-DS370

    • Intellivox DS180

    • Intellivox DS280

    • Intellivox DS380

    • Intellivox DS430

    • Intellivox DS500

    • Intellivox DSX180

    • Intellivox DSX280 HD

    • Intellivox DSX380 HD

    • Intellivox DSX430

    • Intellivox DSX500

    • ADC-H90 Mark II

    • ADC-V90 Mark II

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