Shanghai Oriental Art Center Festival, China

The Opportunity

The Shanghai Oriental Art Center needed to overhaul their facilities and audio systems to meet the festival’s “A-level” venue criteria and needed a state-of-the-art networked audio system.

The Solution

SHOAC brought in Shanghai ACETEC Audio Amplifying System Technology Co., who delivered and installed a state-of-the-art networked system of JBL, Crown, Studer and BSS audio solutions.

In the remodeled Concert Hall, ACETEC installed 30 JBL VTX V20 line array loudspeakers for the main sound system. The V20’s integral mid/high waveguide provided precise vertical wavefront coupling and 105° horizontal dispersion for an optimal coverage pattern. The VTX series’ flexible suspension system allowed the speakers to be rigged and positioned quickly and safely, expediting the installation process. In the Opera Hall, ACETEC deployed over 40 AM7000-series loudspeakers from JBL’s Application Engineered Series. Designed for permanent installations, the AM7000-series loudspeakers provide full-range sound in two-way or three-way configurations, with or without subwoofers. All mid and high drivers feature rotatable Progressive Transition Waveguides for precise dispersion and wide coverage in a variety of setups, and all low-frequency drivers employ JBL’s innovative Differential Drive transducers.

For amplification, ACETEC installed Crown DCi and I-Tech power amplifiers, each suited to a different application. In the Concert Hall, 11 I-Tech amplifiers interface with the VTX line arrays via JBL HiQnet Performance Manager for precise configuration and remote control. 41 DCi-series amplifiers power the AM7000 loudspeakers in the Opera Hall, providing a modern, versatile networked solution with a compact footprint and high energy efficiency rating. Ten BSS BLU806DA signal processors route audio through a high-bandwidth digital audio network with low latency, powerful DSP, flexible I/O and Dante/AES67 connectivity.

ACETEC installed Studer VISTA X and VISTA V digital consoles for mixing, which combine powerful DSP capabilities with streamlined workflow features that help to make complex mixing tasks intuitive. Studer’s revolutionary Vistonics interface features knobs and controls built right into flat-screen displays, putting physical control and visual feedback in the same place. All faders are dynamically color-coded with Faderglow lighting, letting the user see the state of each track at a glance. Quad Star technology with four independent CPU cores provides the speed, stability and redundancy needed for the Art Center’s high-profile productions. The Concert Hall received the larger VISTA X, while the more compact VISTA V consoles were installed in the smaller halls.

The Impact

“While the Shanghai Oriental Art Center renovation was a large undertaking with a relatively short timeline for completion, coordination from multiple parties helped see the project through efficiently.”