Folie Terrace, Tirana Albania

The Challenge:

Folie Terrace, Albania’s largest nightclub located in the capital city of Tirana, has a striking architectural design with a massive refurbished interior and unique retractable roof used to convert the space from outdoor to indoor and comply with strict noise ordinances. The architect wanted a lighting design that would emulate a vibrant city nightscape with linear dots. The initial design called for 1,000 incandescent lamps with heavy dimmers and extensive cabling and power requirements.

The Solution:

The designer’s beautiful vision was realized brilliantly with an alternative approach recommended by HARMAN distributor, Prosound. The solution utilizes Martin’s innovative LED video dots, with more than 5,000 VC-Dot 1 fixtures creating the illusion of windows, building outlines, and other effects throughout the space. These were a perfect choice due to their brightness but low power consumption and ease of installation. Folie Terrace also features a state-of-the-art JBL Audio system.

The Impact:

“It is important to me that the lighting sends a message. It needs to signal exclusivity and make my customers feel happy and relaxed.” – Andro Buxhuku, Folie Terrace Owner