Dharma Practice Room, Thailand

The Opportunity

Founded in 1950, the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand (YBAT) is an organization dedicated to enriching lives by bringing Buddhism to the younger generation and general public. Focused on developing minds and cultivating deep experiential wisdom through educational services, YBAT’s main office is located in the Phasicharoen District of Bangkok and includes the Thamnawet building, which features a 500-seat Dharma Practice Room. To provide pristine sound during classes and an enhanced experience for guests, YBAT required an upgraded audio solution for the Dharma Practice Room.

The Solution

To upgrade the sound system, Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. equipped the practice room with a top-notch HARMAN Professional audio solution that provides pristine sound during classes and an enhanced experience for guests.

Providing excellent sound with consistent coverage across the Dharma Practice Room, Mahajak deployed an arsenal of JBL Control 18C/T two-way ceiling loudspeakers. Further adding pristine audio performance, the system also includes JBL Control 28-1-WH high output speakers, which are used as stage monitors for presenters. Powering the solution, Mahajak installed Crown CDi Series amplifiers for their unmatched output and reliability, while BSS BLU-100 signal processors with BLU link ensure peak system operation.

The Impact

“The client wanted an upgrade to their existing sound system in the Thamnawet building,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director at Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. “As we had already worked on renovating the audio system in the Dharma practice room on the second floor of Sirikarinchai building, we knew what the client was expecting. We are so excited to be associated with them again and happy to provide intelligible sound to the Dharma practitioners with the help of HARMAN Professional’s audio equipment and services. Some of the challenges we faced were the wooden floor, hard wall and smooth plaster ceiling because they caused reverberation in the room. Our team designed the audio system for Dharma practitioners to receive direct sound from the ceiling speakers. This setup was supported by Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processors, which helped solve the frequency problems in the room.”