City Center, Las Vegas

The Challenge:

City Center is a mixed-use complex that stands as the largest privately financed real estate development in the United States, and it needed a customized large-scale audio system. According to a City Center designer, the project was poised to be one of the largest consolidated AV system designs ever, which included 60 venues, thousands of ceiling speakers, three complete concert line array systems and more than 20 equipment rooms. To add to the challenges, this daunting integration needed to be completed in a highly compressed timeframe.

The Solution:

Working with PMK Consultants in collaboration with application engineers in HARMAN International’s Professional Division, the team created a customized audio solution that comprised more than 8,000 JBL loudspeakers, including VerTec line arrays, powered by 700 Crown CT Series amplifiers and running through Soundcraft consoles. The JBL speakers solved high-frequency issues at 40 feet above City Center’s finished floors.

City Center chose HiQnet as their system infrastructure and BSS Audio Soundweb™ London for audio networking. This allowed the organization to efficiently grab a specific venue and easily tweak and monitor every aspect of audio on the fly.

The Impact:

“Having a manufacturer such as HARMAN totally dedicated to assisting the integrator on this scale was a huge catalyst to the successful completion of the project. From customizing any of their products to committing to and delivering large scale orders, the HARMAN group was successfully in every way.” – Brad Cornish, Senior Director, Technology West (AV integrators on the City Center project)

HARMAN Products:


  • JBL Control 227 CT
  • JBL Control 24 CT
  • JBL Control 26 C
  • JBL Control 26 CT
  • JBL Control 26 DT
  • JBL Control 29 AV
  • JBL Control 312 CS
  • JBL Control 322 C
  • JBL Control 322 CT
  • JBL Control 328 C
  • JBL Control 328 CT
  • JBL Control 47 CT
  • JBL Control SB 210
  • JBL VerTec 4881A
  • JBL VerTec 4881 ADP
  • JBL VerTec 4887A
  • JBL VerTec 4887 ADP
  • JBL VP7212/64DP
  • JBL VP7212MDP


  • Crown CTS 1200LITE
  • Crown CTS 1200USP3CN
  • Crown CTS 2000LITE
  • Crown CTS 2000USP3CN
  • Crown CTS 3000USP3CN
  • Crown CTS 4200USP3CN
  • Crown CTS 600LITE
  • Crown CTS 600USP3CN
  • Crown CTS 8200USP3CN
  • Crown I-Tech 4000

Mixer Consoles

  • Soundcraft Vi4
  • Soundcraft Vi6


  • BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU 160
  • BSS Audio Soundweb London BLUE 800
  • HiQnet System Architect
  • HiQnet London Architect

City Center