Lord Of The Drinks Kolkata, India

The Opportunity

With 12 outlets across India, Lord of the Drinks is one of the most highly rated nightclubs in the country. Located in the South City Mall, Lord of the Drinks Kolkata is a new fine-dining lounge and bar that becomes a high-energy nightclub in the evenings. With ceilings stretching over 24 feet above its patrons, it’s the tallest bar in Kolkata. Lord of the Drinks hired Sound Frame to install a state-of-the-art sound system that wouldn’t distract from the aesthetics of the elegant design.

The Solution

Sound Frame had to work around the height of the space as well as an elevated DJ booth and bar seating. They also had to ensure that the sound system would not obstruct important decorative elements on the walls, a request from the designer of the space. To accomplish this, Sound Frame worked within the space’s restrictions and negotiated with Lord of the Drinks’ designer to situate the sound system. They were able to carve out space in the smoking lounge for the main front-of-house subwoofers and loudspeakers, which were hung with a steel-rope suspension method rather than traditional wall mounts.

Sound Frame installed four AM7215/95 loudspeakers to provide even, balanced coverage throughout the main dining area. Two ASB6128 subwoofers provide additional low-end support for powerful bass. Two EON615/230 PA speakers were selected for their portable size and Bluetooth control. Sound Frame also installed a Crown DCi Series amplification system consisting of two GDCI4X1250N-U-IN amplifiers and one GDCI2X2400N-U-IN amplifier, which were chosen for their versatility and compact size. These were tuned with a BSS-BLU100 DSP 12×8 signal processor with BLU Link network connectivity and a DBX260V DriveRack loudspeaker management system.

The Impact

“The client requested a versatile solution that could deliver superior sound through the venue,” said Milind Raorane, Electro-Acoustic Design Consultant, Sound Frame. “The JBL Professional networked audio system we installed ensures class-leading tonal quality, power response and sustainability. This dynamic setup provides the clarity and volume required in full-house scenarios.”

“We were initially going to have another solution,” said Amit Bajoria, Owner, Lord of the Drinks Kolkata. “However, we then met the team from HARMAN Professional Solutions, who suggested the new JBL Professional AE Series speakers which we ultimately chose. I am very happy with the sound system and its performance. We get loud and clear output from the speakers and the subwoofers are amazing.”