Best Western Metro Clark, Philippines

The Opportunity

Best Western Metro Clark provides upscale accommodations in close proximity to Clark International Airport and many popular attractions around Angeles City. In addition to well-appointed guest rooms and suites, the hotel features well-equipped function rooms for weddings, banquets, business meetings and other events. The 4,300 square-foot Simon & Stanley Hall can host up to 360 guests for larger events, and can also be divided into two separate rooms for smaller functions. An additional conference room on the fourth floor features a garden deck, catering to groups of up to 30 guests. Other amenities include an outdoor pool on the fourth floor, an outdoor bar, multiple restaurants and a fitness center. To provide staff and guests with high-quality sound throughout the hotel and function rooms, Best Western Metro Clark required state-of-the-art audio solutions.

The Solution

To deliver high-quality sound reinforcement for meetings and events, as well as background music, announcements and more, the Best Western Metro Clark hired Intellismart to upgrade its existing audio system with a range of JBL, Crown, Soundcraft and BSS solutions.

To ensure optimal sound quality throughout the hotel’s function rooms and common areas, Intellismart installed JBL Control Series ceiling-mounted loudspeakers in all indoor areas. In addition to providing crystal-clear sound with consistent coverage, Control Series loudspeakers feature pre-attached blind-mount back cans for easy installation and paintable baffles that blend seamlessly with the hotel’s décor. In the outdoor pool and bar areas, Intellismart selected wall-mounted JBL All-Weather Series loudspeakers to provide the same level of sound quality with added weather resistance. Intellismart also provided a JBL EON ONE PRO portable speaker system for outdoor events and parties.

To facilitate sound reinforcement for events in Simon & Stanley Hall, Intellismart provided Best Western Metro Clark with Soundcraft digital mixing consoles. With state-of-the-art DSP and features like FaderGlow color-coded illumination, the powerful and easy-to-use consoles make even the most complex mixing tasks intuitive and streamlined. To provide maximum clarity and intelligibility for pages and announcements, Intellismart equipped the hotel’s lobby with AKG paging microphones. Crown amplifiers power the system, providing uncolored sound and plenty of clean headroom.

The heart of Best Western Metro Clark’s new audio system is a network of BSS digital signal processors, which connect and route audio between the various loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers and mixers. The BSS processors provide a flexible digital audio network which allows signal to be sent from any source to any destination almost instantly, and reconfigured with ease. Amplifiers and loudspeakers can be split into zones and managed independently or combined, depending on the need. Hotel computers can connect to the BSS hardware via BLU Link technology, allowing hotel staff to control the network and adjust routing, monitoring, equalization and more.

The Impact

“The hotel required an integrated solution with excellent sound quality, balanced coverage and easy control features for their meeting and event spaces,” said Gerry Sy, President and CEO, Intellismart. “The space demanded a high-quality distributed audio system as well as a portable speaker system that met strict technical requirements while offering flexibility and ease of operation. HARMAN’s extensive range of state-of-the-art audio solutions enabled us to design the perfect system to meet the hotel’s needs.”

“We required the latest industry-leading audio systems to accommodate a wide range of functions in our meeting and event spaces,” said Justin Uy, General Manager, Best Western. “Intellismart worked with HARMAN Professional Solutions to create custom solutions, ensuring maximum coverage and intelligibility in each space. The HARMAN systems are very flexible, allowing our team to handle any event.”