AEON Entertainment, Japan

The Opportunity

AEON Entertainment Co. Ltd. is one of Japan’s premier film companies, operating almost 800 screens across its theatre chain nationwide. In addition to film, the company also provides key services for television, new media interfaces and business events, from conceptualization to production. The company wanted to upgrade its theaters with a sound system that matched the quality and versatility of its visual technology to entertain audiences in every aspect of the cinema experience.

The Solution

Hibino’s installation team equipped the theater with award-winning JBL VTX A8 and A12 line array loudspeakers. Both loudspeaker models feature Differential Drive™ woofers for heightened low and mid frequencies, Radiation Boundary Integrators for optimal coverage and lightweight designs for easy deployment. Multiple JBL VTX B28 dual 18-inch subwoofers complete the system, augmenting the system’s bass performance with transparent sub frequencies extending as low as 25 Hz. AEON Entertainment’s theaters are the first in Japan to implement the B28 for cinema screens.

To ensure reliable power to the entire system, Hibino deployed amplifiers from Crown I-Tech HD series. With both analog and digital compatibility, powerful signal processing capabilities and an intuitive interface, I-Tech Series is the most advanced and accessible power amplifier for venues currently on the market.

The Impact

“The client wanted to entertain visitors and provide a remarkable movie experience using VTX loudspeakers from HARMAN,” said Shinichiro Shinohara, Sales Lead, Hibino Imagineering Corporation. “As the theater’s left and right screen speakers were set in an unusual position, we found it difficult to install the equipment and adjust the sound. After much consideration, we set the visually stunning left and right speakers in front of the screen and the center speaker behind the screen. We were worried about how it would sound but we are very glad that the setup delivers pristine acoustics and provides guests with unforgettable experiences."

AEON Entertainment reported that the new system supports the company’s mission to build a superior movie ecosystem that meets global standards. They are excited to be the first entertainment center to introduce the VTX B28 model in Japan and offer audiences the ultimate theater experience, said Kobayashi Mizuo, President, Hibino Imagineering Corporation.