Sarangsaem Church, South Korea

The Opportunity:

Located in Busan’s beautiful Gijang-gun county, Sarangsaem Church established in 2010. Sarangsaem Church incorporates elements of the local culture and aims to offer a space that caters to gatherings of the local community. In order to provide an exceptional audio experience for the church’s members and visitors alike.

The Solution:

Sarangsaem Church hired leading AV integrator Kinoton Korea to outfit the Great Chapel and additional classrooms with premium audio solutions. Kinoton Korea selected a range of JBL loudspeakers to deliver clarity, versatility and balanced coverage.

Focused on delivering balanced sound quality and coverage for a spectrum of events, Kinoton Korea equipped the church’s Great Chapel with an impressive JBL sound reinforcement system comprised of VRX932LAP line arrays with VRX918SP subwoofers. The VRX932LAP’s constant curvature waveguide and array coherence makes it the ideal choice for medium sized venues that don’t require the long-throw characteristics of larger line-arrays, while the VRX918SP delivers powerful bass performance in a compact, easy-to-hang design.

Kinoton also deployed versatile JBL PRX812W powered speakers to provide accurate stage monitoring, and to facilitate events requiring portable but powerful sound reinforcement. Recognizing that technology plays an increasingly important role in education and communication, Kinoton installed the classrooms and meeting rooms with JBL Control 25AV, AC26 and AC28 loudspeakers to ensure flawless audio quality during classes, presentations and meetings.

The Impact:

“We wanted to make sure our Great Chapel could be used for a variety of events by our members and by members of the local community,” said GyeongHwan Park, representative minister of Sarangsaem Church. “To achieve this goal, we required robust loudspeaker solutions to support a range of activities and functions, including weddings, holiday celebrations, and art therapy sessions for underprivileged children. The HARMAN systems installed by Kinoton is perfectly suited to serve our needs as a church and as a special events space. We couldn’t choose a better brand to help make our vision become a reality.”

“Our goal was to provide Sarangsaem Church with superior sound quality and ensure perfectly balanced coverage in their Great Chapel,” said James Jung, Audio Department, Kinoton Korea. “We wouldn’t have had the same success without JBL speakers, which provide spectacular listening experiences for a variety of events. For houses of worship, there is no better provider of AV solutions than HARMAN, and that’s why we constantly rely on them to make our clients’ dreams into reality.”

“Houses of worship are constantly evolving and they require comprehensive AV solutions to keep up with advances in technology,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, APAC, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We are privileged to provide Sarangsaem Church with scalable audio solutions which elevate their worshippers’ experiences. We thank Kinoton Korea for delivering excellent customer service and trusting HARMAN products to satisfy their customers’ requirements.”