Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju, South Korea

The Opportunity

Based on the popular characters Pororo the Little Penguin and Tayo the Little Bus, Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju features numerous “edutainment” attractions that encourage children to learn while having fun. However, the park’s aging sound system was becoming a detriment to the experience, causing auditory fatigue for park employees and visitors due to abundant echo and harsh frequencies.

The Solution

To provide a more pleasing experience for park visitors, TechData PS equipped the entire park with a complete HARMAN Professional audio system featuring JBL Professional, Crown, BSS, AKG and Soundcraft solutions.

To deliver high-quality sound with minimal echo in the indoor areas, TechDataPS selected JBL Control 67 P/T pendant speakers. With 120-degree conical coverage, the Control 67 P/T projects just enough sound to completely cover the intended area without reverberating throughout the space. To provide clean, smooth sound with consistent coverage at the outdoor stages, TechDataPS selected JBL VRX 900 Series line array loudspeakers. Since the main stage is close to the park’s parade ground, TechDataPS positioned the speakers to isolate sound within the theater area, emphasizing performances on stage without projecting into neighboring spaces.

TechDataPS selected Crown Amplifiers to power the loudspeakers, providing plenty of volume and headroom as well as onboard signal processing for sound enhancement and speaker protection. Soundcraft Ui24R mixing consoles enable the park staff to mix remotely using an iPad or other mobile device and BSS signal processors form the system’s backend, connecting everything via a flexible, high-bandwidth digital audio network. Additionally, TechDataPS provided AKG microphones for capturing clean, intelligible sound onstage.

The Impact

Shows and attractions both indoors and outdoors now operate with clear and isolated sound, eliminating the frequency concerns and enhancing the overall experience for park visitors.