Dongil Church, South Korea

The Opportunity

In 2020, the church built a new 600-seat temple in Dongdaesin-dong, which is in the Seo-gu district of Busan. In addition to offering sermons and contributing to the development of the community in various ways, the church helps pastors of the Protestant church become missionaries in India. To bolster its facility and offer guests enhanced experiences during services and events, Dongil required an audio system capable of delivering high-quality sound and speech intelligibility.

The Solution

p.To meet the client’s requirements, TechDataPS equipped Dongil Church with a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio solution featuring JBL loudspeakers, AKG microphones, Soundcraft mixers and much more.

To ensure pristine sound with even, balanced coverage across the church’s main hall, TechDataPS installed JBL VTX A8 compact line array loudspeakers and VTX B18 arrayable subwoofers. For stage monitoring, the impressive system includes JBL VTX M20 professional stage monitors, along with AC195 and PRX812W full-range loudspeakers and a dbx PMC16 personal monitor controller for fine-tuning the sound. Crown I-Tech 4×3500HD amplifiers power the system and offer uncompromising dependability, while a Soundcraft Vi1000 digital mixing console and Compact Stagebox provide professional mixing functionality.

To capture crystal-clear vocals, speech and instruments for sermons and other stage performances, the solution features an array of AKG microphones, including the Drum Set Concert I collection, C214 large-diaphragm condenser, PZM30 D hemispherical boundary layer mic, WMS470 Vocal Set D5 wireless system, D5 CS dynamic vocal mic and HC81 MD lightweight cardioid headworn mic.

To bring superb sound to the church’s lobby and other spaces, TechDataPS deployed JBL Control 16C/T ceiling loudspeakers, while BSS EC-V Ethernet volume controllers and BSS BLU-100 signal processors with BLU link provide added flexibility and audio performance. The systems in the children’s room and both elementary rooms use JBL EON612 self-powered loudspeakers, AKG microphones and a Soundcraft Ui16 digital mixer to deliver exceptional audio. The multipurpose room features JBL KP4012 full-range loudspeakers as the main speakers and JRX212 speakers for the monitors, in addition to a Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console and Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16i. Rounding out the solution, TechDataPS equipped Dongil’s café and choir practice room with JBL EON208P all-in-one portable PA systems, which offer excellent sound and Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

The Impact

The TechDataPS team reported that they chose HARMAN because of its award-winning products like JBL VTX Series loudspeakers and the Soundcraft Vi1000 digital mixing console. They also stated that HARMAN’s power amplifiers, processors and microphones are the best in the industry.

Representatives from Dongil Church reported that the church was seeking a powerful, dynamic and easy-to-use audio solution and were very satisfied with the sound of the JBL VTX Series speakers. They also reported that the Soundcraft Vi1000 is compact and comfortable to use, with high-quality mic preamp and intuitive operation.