JBL Professional has made a name for itself by producing great sounding, long lasting portable PA systems. SRX800 Passive is a line of premium portable speakers that deliver the best sound quality, power handling, and workmanship in their class. Custom built, industry leading JBL transducers and enclosures give SRX800 the power and ruggedness to stand up to a variety of demanding applications and provide reliable, pristine sound wherever it is needed.

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Purposeful Design

Integrating legendary sound quality, power, control, and durability, SRX800 is a perfect solution wherever high performance, comprehensive control, and pristine sound are required. Each component in the SRX800 Series was purposefully designed to deliver a perfectly tuned system that is powerful, easy to use, and rugged enough for the most demanding applications

Differential Drive Technology

JBL’s patented Differential Drive® Technology ferrite drivers incorporate 3" voice coils with lower mass ferrite magnets for reduced weight, increased power handling, exceptionally low distortion and extended low frequency response. JBL’s 2432H is the only neodymium 3" voice coil compression driver in this class, delivering very high power levels and smooth, crystal clear sound.

Works Well With Crown Amplifiers

With the incorporation of tunings available for Crown amplifiers and dbx signal processors, SRX800 is an optimal choice for a fully integrated Harman Professional sound system controlled through Audio Architect.

Built to Last

With best in class 18mm wooden enclosures, 14 gauge steel grilles, and JBL’s Patented DuraFlex finish, SRX800 speakers are built to last and withstand a lifetime of hard tour use.



  • SRX812


    12" Two-Way Bass Reflex Passive System
  • SRX815


    15" Two-Way Bass Reflex Passive System
  • SRX835


    15" Three-Way Bass Reflex Passive System
  • SRX818S


    18" Passive Subwoofer System
  • SRX828S


    18" Dual PassiveSubwoofer System



The Accessories You Need

Your live sound system isn’t complete without portable speaker bags and dependable high-quality stands for quick, reliable setup. JBL offers durable speaker bags by Gator, and a variety of gas-assist and manual-adjust speaker stands built to seamlessly match your SRX800 Passive Series system and provide a reliable foundation for your next gig, event or tour.

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