200 Series

The 200 Series combines JBL’s latest technological advances with a compact footprint and accessible price point, making it easy to upgrade the sonic experience in your small or mid-sized cinema. Featuring patent-pending Dual Dissimilar Arraying and Acoustic Aperture Technology, the JBL 200 series provides remarkably uniform coverage and smooth, accurate sound reproduction for every member of your audience. Models range from 12-14” thin, perfect for small and medium multiplexes with space constraints. And since the 200 Series uses the same driver technology trusted by top movie studios around the world, your audience will enjoy a more captivating, authentic experience from every seat in the house—just like the creators intended.

200 Series Products

  • C211


    Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker
  • C221


    Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker
  • C222


    Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker
  • C222HP


    Two-Way High Performance ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker