Control 30

Three-Way High Output Indoor / Outdoor Monitor Speaker

Control 30
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Three-Way High Output Indoor / Outdoor Monitor Speaker

The Control 30 utilizes high power components, computer optimized horn and coaxial component design, patent-pending cabinet manufacturing techniques, and a complex network to achieve smooth high fidelity performance, extended bandwidth and well-controlled, defined coverage from a compact loudspeaker.


  • Extended bandwidth, extremely smooth frequency response.
  • Fully outdoor-capable design, featuring WeatherMax™.
  • 120° x 110° HF coverage.
  • 150 W transformer for 70 V or 100 V lines, with 8 thru.
  • SonicGuard® overload protection.
  • 250 mm (10 in) fiberglass / Kevlar® cone LF woofer, with neodymium magnet coaxial 125 mm (5 in) anodized aluminum cone MR, and 25 mm (1 in) titanium diaphragm compression driver.
  • Includes InvisiBall® mounting hardware, plus ten 6 mm attachment points for suspension and optional U-bracket.
  • Sealed input panel cover and screw-down input terminals.


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Data Sheets
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file type icon JBL Installed Sound Configuration Guide
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CAD Drawings
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Install Guides
file type icon Attaching Control Contractor Speakers to Stands
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file type icon Guide to Business Music
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file type icon Painting HIPS Loudspeaker Cabinets
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file type icon InvisiBall Threading Specifications
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file type icon MTC-PC2 & MTC-PC3 Installation
updated: Sep 2019
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file type icon Control Contractor Weather Resistance Testing
updated: Okt 2020
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file type icon Control 29/30/31 Eyebolt Application
updated: Okt 2020
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Ease Data
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file type icon WB6 & WB8 Rough-In Frames
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file type icon Marine Grille Kit
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Speaker Tunings
file type icon Commercial, CBT, and AWC Tunings 220616
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Application Guides
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Simulation Data
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Parts & Service


Frequency Range 38 Hz – 17 kHz (-10 dB)
Power Capacity 500 W Continuous Program Power; 250 W Continuous Pink Noise
Transformer Taps 70 V: 150 W, 75 W, 38 W, 19 W 100 V: 150 W, 75 W, 38 W Thru Position: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response 40 Hz – 16 kHz ( ± 3 dB)
Maximum SPL (1m) Short-Term: 123 dB; Long-Term: 117 dB
Sensitivity 93 dB, 1W @ 1m (3.3 ft)
Coverage Angle 120°H x110°V
Directivity Factor (Q) 5.2 dB, averaged 500 Hz to 10 kHz
Directivity Index (DI) 7.1 dB, averaged 500 Hz to 10 kHz
Impedance 4 ohms
Crossover Network 3rd order Low Pass LF, 2nd order High Pass/3rd order Low Pass MF, 3rd order High Pass, HF, plus conjugate shaping circuitry.
Drivers LF: 250 mm (10 in) fiberglass/Kevlar® cone with pure butyl rubber surround, 50 mm (2 in) voice coil on fiberglass former, neodymium magnet
MF: 125 mm (5 in) anodized aluminum cone with EPDM rubber (Terpolymer of Ethylene and Propylene) surround, 25 mm (1 in) voice coil on fiberglass former
HF: 25 mm (1 in) compression driver, pure titanium diaphragm with patented JBL diamond surround
Enclosure High Impact PolyStyrene (HIPS) with 10% glass fill plus patent pending internal 5 mm foamed polyurethane secondary mold
Grille Thermoset composite coated steel, WeatherMax multi-layer foam
Overload Protection SonicGuard full range power limiting to protect network and transducers.
Outdoor Capability IEC 529 IP-X5 rating. Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature & UV. Passes Mil-Std-202F for salt spray.
Input Connectors Screw-down terminal strip, zinc plated copper base, nickel plated metal screws/washers. Accepts up to 9 mm outside 4 mm inside open
Safety Agency Transformer is listed per UL1876
Colors Black or white (-WH)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 593 x 372 x 345 mm (23.3 x 14.6 x 13.5 in.)
Net Weight (each) 18.9 kg (42 lb)
Shipping Weight (ea) 20.3 kg (45 lb)
Included Accessories 1 pc MTC-PC2 input panel cover, InvisiBall mounting base, 6 mm x 305 mm InvisiBall Hex wrench.
Optional Accessories MTC-30CM (-WH) to install speaker down from the ceiling. MTC-30UB (-WH) U-Bracket
Mounting Hardware InvisiBall™ aimable wall-mounting system included. Optional U-bracket.


HARMAN Professional Solutions:

Control 30

Three-Way High Output Indoor / Outdoor Monitor Speaker