SVSI N2400 Series Windowing Processor Firmware Updater v2.2.40

Last Updated: mai 03, 2022

Product Name: N-Series N2410 Windowing Processor
FG #: FGN2410

Version: v2.2.40
Release Date: 2022-04-05

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History

Version 2022-04-05 (v2.2.40)
-Fixed disable multicast output on P ports using webpage

Version 4/20/2022 (v2.2.26)
-Add featured request for single command to change four streams via one command.
The format is setquad:winnum0:streamnum0:winnum1:streamnum1:winnum2:streamnum2:winnum3:streamnum3
-Allowed setting output stream to 0
-Fixed wrong Est Max Bandwidth reported on the webpage
-Stopped incoming multicast from being received by P-ports

Version 1/13/2022 (v2.2.25)
-Fixed send commands randomly not being received in netlinx programs

Version 12/11/2020 (v2.2.23)
-Added feature request for Output Sync and Sync Stream

Version 10/12/2020 (v2.2.17)
-Fixed returning unexpected feedback with the Netlinx command

Version 02/19/2019 (v2.2.9)
-resolve an issue where unit may fail to boot

Version 02/19/2019 (v2.2.7)
-updated to be compatible with 1.4.7 N2412A streams

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