Saigon South Marina Club, Vietnam

The Opportunity

A popular getaway destination, Saigon South Marina Club provides a range of activities and services for visitors, including catering, entertainment, private events, a playground and river rides. To ensure top-notch sound quality in all areas of the facility, Saigon South Marina Club required a state-of-the-art sound reinforcement system.

The Solution

Saigon South Marina Club hired Pro Sound Center Viet Nam to install a HARMAN event audio solution consisting of JBL BRX300 and EON Series loudspeakers supplied by BaSao Invest. The JBL BRX300 modular line array system delivers wide coverage and class-leading output levels while reproducing every detail with superior depth and clarity. For smaller events, the team included JBL EON612 self-powered PA speakers for maximum flexibility, portability and ease of use.

The Impact

Saigon South Marina Club reported that the JBL sound systems enable them to create a much greater impact during events and connect better with their audiences.