Nichiren’s Daijozan Houonji Temple School, Japan

The Opportunity

Implement a state-of-the-art audio system to deliver enhanced clarity at the School of Nichiren’s Daijozan Houonji during sermons and announcements. Founded in 1909 by Tatsuko Sugiyama, The School of Nichiren’s Daijozan Houonji Temple seeks to inspire and save the world through the text of the Lotus Sutra and the teachings of 13th century priest Nichiren. Houonji Temple has many branch temples and missionary offices throughout Japan, and thousands of people gather to listen to the sermons delivered during the events held in the temple.

The Solution

To provide optimum sound coverage, ensuring that all visitors can hear the sermons clearly, the temple management requested Akio Taniguchi at Hibino to implement a system that would provide crystal clear audio quality during the events. JBL’s Intellivox column speakers and a Soundcraft digital mixer were selected to set up a robust sermon delivery system. The combination delivers full and balanced audio coverage over the entire seating area, ensuring that every guest receives a superior listening experience.

The JBL Intellivox DSX280 HD powered column speakers installed in the temple provide a constant sound pressure level over a distance of up to 115 feet, enabling visitors to enjoy an immersive sound experience. To achieve effortless integration with the column speakers and produce a perfect audio mix, Hibino installed Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digital audio mixers. Together they provide exceptional clarity, dynamic range and crystal-clear sound in every corner of the temple.

The Impact

“As a result of significant reverberation in the main hall where sermons are delivered, it was often difficult to make out the priest’s words and there were some areas where the sermon could barely be heard,” said a spokesperson at the Houonji Temple. “Amid discussion of alternative sound delivery systems such as earphones, a test of the Intellivox speakers using the DSP to control the vertical spread of the sound provided a major improvement in clarity. The response has been excellent from the visitors. With the addition of the Si Expression 1 mixer and other changes to improve the system’s overall sound quality, the sound quality is significantly better in the office and other areas as well.”

“It is an honor for HARMAN Professional Solutions to provide The School of Nichiren’s Daijozan Houonji Temple with superior audio solutions,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank Hibino for providing excellent customer service while delivering a rich, immersive sound experience to convey the teachings of the temple perfectly.”