Colorado Army National Guard

The Opportunity:

The Colorado Army National Guard completed the largest construction project in its history with the opening of the Regional Training Institute and the Training Center Complex. Located inside Fort Carson in the state of Colorado, these facilities have added more than 300,000 square feet of state-of-the-art training and accommodations. It is also the first location to provide training for all three components of the Army–National Guard, active duty, and Army Reserve.

The RTI and TCC buildings are standard setting facilities that are critical for building efficient and effective leaders who will lead troops in future combat and operations. Part of what makes the buildings so unique is the new anti-terrorism layout that utilizes the natural topography, barriers, and restricted access points in a unique design intended to protect the facility. Equally groundbreaking is the technology incorporated into the complex. The duration of the project, almost a quarter of a century, presented challenges in terms of changes in technology, security, and performance standards set by the military.  

The Solution:

The Colorado Army National Guard implemented a full HARMAN solution to set the standard for their application, featuring products from JBL, Crown, and AMX, which are a proven factor in mission critical government installations. Leading the way in the industry with JITC testing and approval, a Certificate of Networthiness for RMS along with support for BYOD and the military’s CAC Cards, AMX by HARMAN offered a secure and reliable solution to the United States Army. The project also comprised audio products from the HARMAN Professional division, including JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers.

The Colorado National Guard’s RTI and TCC facilities are utilized by the Army, as well as federal and state agencies such as the FBI, local sheriffs and the US Marshals. The flexibility available through the suite of HARMAN products allows the military to meet the training demands of each unique unit in classrooms and large meeting room spaces.

With HARMAN’s technology being standardized by the Colorado Army National Guard, future systems and facilities will securely integrate with AMX Resource Management Suite and AMX Rapid Project Maker, allowing the military to continue to provide the latest in training to America’s leaders for years to come.

The Impact:

“This multi-component training facility project was a dream of many of the Army National Guard senior leaders that began about 25 years ago,” said Todd Smith, Network Systems Engineer. “AMX’s technology played a large role because it met the security and performance standards set forth by the military. The JITC certification on the hardware was a huge deciding factor as well as the ease and flexibility RPM was able to provide us while managing our cost. And having a Certificate of Networthiness for RMS along with support for BYOD and the military’s CAC cards, allowed us to deliver a secure and reliable solution."