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Designed to facilitate fast attachment and precise alignment of VTX V20 and V25-II / V25-II-CS systems, the VTX V20-DF is a lightweight solution for providing wider coverage at the bottom of VTX V25-II / V25-II-CS arrays. Lightweight design with multiple options for angle between V25-II / V25-II-CS and V20 (3.5deg, 7.5deg, 11deg). Able to be used as a down-fill adapter frame for V25-II arrays, or as a downfill adapter frame + pullback frame for compression of VTX V25-II-CS arrays with V20 downfill. Supports up to 6x VTX V20 cabinets suspended underneath VTX V25-II / V25-II-CS.
  • Angle options: 3.5deg, 7.5deg, 11deg
  • Lightweight design
  • Precise HF exit alignment between V25-II and V20
  • Support for up to 6x VTX V20 cabinets


  Version Language Size Uploaded
VTX V20 DF Spec Sheet
updated: Nov 22, 2020
    568 KB Nov 22, 2020
Data Sheets
VTX V20 DF Spec Sheet
updated: Oct 22, 2020
    568 KB Oct 22, 2020
VTX V20-DF - Suspension Manual v2
updated: Oct 22, 2020
    852 KB Oct 22, 2020
CAD Drawings
VTX V20-DF Customer Drawings
updated: Oct 22, 2020
    1.42 MB Oct 22, 2020

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