DS808 (discontinued)

Active Beam Shaping, Self Powered, Loudspeaker Array

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Active Beam Shaping, Self Powered,
Loudspeaker Array

The Intellivox-DS808 was primarily designed to supplement Intellivox-DS1608 installations, covering balcony, off axis and shadow areas. The Intellivox-DS808  is capable of delivering up to 105 dB SPL at 30 m. as well as a frequency response to 18kHz. A single Intellivox-DS808  is capable of covering an audience area up to 25 m while maintaining an even sound pressure level. For full range applications AXYS® Beam Shaping Subwoofers can be used in conjunction. The six, high efficiency, 6.5” loudspeakers are arranged in accordance with our patented algorithm. Two coaxially mounted 1” compression drivers extend the HF response. Power for the multi channel IntelliAmp is provided by a sophisticated switched mode power supply which will ensure years of reliable operation.

An extensive set of surveillance functions have been implemented to meet the stringent demands of typical Voice Alarm (life safety) applications. The unit can be controlled using our proprietary WinControl software which offers user friendly control of the beam steering parameters, audio processing and surveillance features.



  • Superb Speech Intelligibility
  • Slim Unobtrusive Design
  • Extended Frequency Response - up to 18kHz
  • Wide Horizontal Dispersion
  • Vertical Beam Shaping (DDS Technology)
  • Separate 3RU Amplifier
  • 32-bit floating point DSP
  • Control of Vertical Beam Shaping
  • Dual Line Inputs
  • Volume Control
  • Delay (up to 20 seconds)
  • 8 band parametric EQ
  • 8 user definable, password protected presets on board (recallable through third party control devices)
  • AVC (Automatic Volume Control) via build-in ambient mic.
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Network Ready
  • Integral Surveillance
  • Simulation via DDA, Catt-Acoustic, Odeon and EASE4.3
  • Fill or Delay System for Intellivox installations
  • Sports Facilities
  • Concert Halls
  • Theatres
  • Touring Applications
  • External Ambient Noise and Temperature Sensor
  • Input section with 1 x 0dBV and 1 x 100V
  • Input section with 2 x 100V
  • Full range of mounting accessories
  • Color matching service


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RAPID DDS Software
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DS808 (discontinued)

Active Beam Shaping, Self Powered, Loudspeaker Array