Intellivox Powered Adjustable-Coverage Columns

The biggest challenge facing a sound system designer is devising a system which will have a high direct to reverberant sound ratio, maximizing the sound that arrives directly to the listeners ear, while reducing the sound energy from walls, ceilings and other acoustically reflective surfaces. Intellivox products make it possible to control the vertical directivity pattern and aim the sound where you want it - at the listener. Going a step beyond today’s standard beam steering, JBL’s DDS (Digital Directivity Synthesis) technology allows for full control of near field and far field coverage creating an asymmetric vertical beam contoured specifically to your application.

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Intellivox High Power Series

  • Intellivox HP-DS170

    Active Beam Shaping Self Powered Column Loudspeaker Array IP55 Rated
  • Intellivox HP-DS370

    Active Beam Shaping Self Powered, Column Loudspeaker Array IP55 Rated

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Intellivox DS Special Order Products

Offering a slightly longer acoustic length and narrower horizontal dispersion, Intellivox DS products can be useful in challenging acoustic environments where beam-shaping is still desired but a limited bandwidth for speech only applications is acceptable.

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