Karaoke Series

Delivering JBL’s legendary performance, the Pasión Series consists of five passive, full-range karaoke loudspeakers and a 12” active subwoofer that provide sound reinforcement for entertainment applications.

The Pasión Series features high-efficiency tweeters and a specially-designed woofer that provide excellent high-frequency response and high-power handling, low distortion and minimum power compression, respectively.

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The Beyond Series offers two models of amplifiers (180W and 360W) featuring digital processing to enhance the singing performance in karaoke applications, such as pitch change, echo, reverb, feedback protection as well as customizable presets.

The Pasion Series powered by the Beyond Amplifiers will deliver excellent audio performance and striking aesthetics, ensuring passionate customers enjoy a memorable experience.

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Speakers featuring JBL’s signature karaoke tuning


Amplifiers featuring JBL’s signature effects including pitch shift, echo, reverb and EQ