CV5015 96/64

15" Two-way Full-Range Loudspeaker System

CV5015 96/64
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The CV5015 96/64 is full range point source main speaker that can be mounted horizontally and vertically. It is suitable for fixed point field installation. Cabinet finish is coated with JBL DuraFlexTM . The CV5015 96/64 is equipped with a 3-inch compression tweeter and a 15-inch high-power and large-dynamic woofer, providing stable high sound pressure output. The surface of the paper cone is evenly coated with waterproof glue, so that the speaker has invincible waterproof performance.

This speaker cabinet features 15 mm birch plywood to ensure solid sound. The top of the box is equipped with M10 hoisting points for mounted installation. Low frequency response can be extended by using CV5018S or CV5028S subwoofer. These speakers are ideal for indoor and outdoor medium-sized events or as a supplemental system for large-scale events or as a distributed sound reinforcement system


High performance
The CV5015 96/64 is designed with an IP55 waterproof rating to be consistently durable and reliable. It features a JBL 3-inch high frequency compression driver, featuring high fidelity and even sound coverage. It includes a 15-inch low frequency driver, combining high power, great dynamics, wide frequency response, great energy, and good technologies. JBL Black DuraFlexTM finish is included for a sleek appearance that cannot be scraped easily.

JBL Transducers
SonicGuardTM sound protection technology protects the high frequency drivers from power overload.

Flexible installation
The CV5015 96/64 is designed with a rotatable horn at an angle of 90° x 60° and multiple selectable coverage angles. Also included is a rotatable JBL logo, allowing the speaker to be installed vertically and horizontally, keeping the logo at a correct position. The back tilt design of the connection panel allows speaker against wall installation, and also prevents water from accumulating in the panel.

Imported brand
The CV5015 96/64 inherits the strict and demanding production standards of JBL.


Rigging System
M10 hoisting points are integrated at the top of the CV5015 96/64, to support horizontal and vertical installations. Hoisting points on the back can fix or adjust the projection angle of the speaker. The CV5015 96/64 simplifies the rigging system.

Waterproof connectors eliminating concerns about electronic component damage, due to moisture and rain.

System Solution
The CV5015 96/64 combines a high-quality acoustic system solution for indoor and outdoor environments, such as stadiums, multi-purpose halls, small and medium-sized theaters, theme parks, and other similar applications. Angle projection control can be achieved easily through the unique and simple hoisting solution and smooth cabinet curve.

The CV5015 96/64 is equipped with a 3-inch tweeter and a 15-inch low-frequency woofer. This is a loudspeaker that delivers high power, dynamic range and sound pressure level. It is designed with a rotatable horn, with two different coverage angles. SonicGuardTM sound protection technology protects high frequency drivers from work interruption due to power overload. Its IP55 waterproof feature can keep it working effectively in complex environments. The CV5015 96/64 boasts powerful functions, high fidelity, fast transient response, and highly effective distribution.


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System Type 15" Two-way Full-Range Loudspeaker System
Frequency Range (-10 dB)¹ 44 Hz - 20k Hz
Frequency Range (±3 dB)¹ 75 Hz - 20k Hz
Coverage Angle 90° x 60° /60° x 40°
Rated Input Power³ 800W/1600W/3200W (Continuous/Music/Peak)
Rated Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity (1w@1m)¹ 100 dB
Maximum SPL¹ 135 dB
Low Frequency Driver 1 x 15" woofer, 3" voice coil
High Frequency Driver JBL 2432H-1, 38 mm (1.5 inch) exit compression driver, with a 75 mm (3 inch) voice coil
Box Structure 15 mm birch plywood, fitted with a handle, and BlackDuraFlexTM finish for the appearance color
IP Rating⁴ IP55 (IEC 60529)
Rigging Top: 4 x M10 screws, Bottom: 4 x M10 screws,Back: 1 x M10 screws, Side: 4 x M10 screws
Grille 1.5 mm perforated iron mesh, attached with a waterproof grillinside
Input Connector 2 x NL4 Neutrik Speakon® in parallel for loop-thru (SelectableBi-amp and Passive modes)
Pin Assignments Bi-amp low frequency: 1+, 1-, high frequency: 2+ 2-,Passive full range: 1+, 1-
Dimensions (H x W x D) 700 mm x 431 mm x 520 mm
Net Weight 33 kg
Footnotes 1: Measured in a full space (4 π) condition.
2: The maximum sound pressure level is calculated according to the rated power.
3: According to IEC standard, tested for 2 hours under pink noises with a crest factor of 6 dB.
4: The front is tilted down by 0 degree or more, to allow the cabinet to drain water. Suspensioncomponents are weatherproof, for use in indoor or outdoor conditions where humidity is nominally under50%, and not local to bodies of corrosive materials. Unused speakON connectors must be sealed usingsilicone to protect against water and moisture. Please do not place the front of the speaker directly towardthe direction of rain.

JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some materials, production methods,and design refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression ofthat philosophy. For this reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its publisheddescription but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.


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CV5015 96/64

15" Two-way Full-Range Loudspeaker System