CenterPoint Energy

The Challenge:

Upgrading the audio in a 300 seat auditorium posed some challenges for CenterPoint due to the physical space attributes including significant floor slope and sharp corners. There was a need to balance coverage and output requirements with the desire to have equipment installed seamlessly within the unique physical space.

The Solution:

The JBL Intellivox loudspeaker solution seemed to be tailor-made for the application, with the slender chassis of the Intellivox DC808 allowing discrete placement within the corners of the venue while still providing the needed coverage and power output, as well as a high degree of speech intelligibility which was a priority for large corporate presentations. The design also utilizes Crown Cdi amplifiers selected for their bullet-proof performance and appropriate power output for use in a variety of applications.  

The Impact:

“The sound is exceptionally clear and smooth from the first row to the back. This room had gone virtually unused for ten years because the audio was terrible, but now it stays booked solid for various events.” – Steve Peters, Technical Sales Executive, AVSI Group (Integrator)