DSi 2.0 Series

Next-Generation Amplifiers for JBL Cinema Loudspeakers

DSi 2.0 Series
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The DSi 2.0 amplifier family, JBL’s first line of dedicated cinema amplifiers, builds on Crown DSI Digital Screen Array amplifier technology, integrating best-in-class DSP from Crown’s flagship CDi DriveCore series to deliver potent, cost-effective amplification for JBL’s entire range of cinema loudspeakers. Choose from three power configurations, available in analog and analog-plus-digital “D” versions featuring Dante/AES67 connectivity.

Deploy systems faster and easier while streamlining hardware needs: DSi 2.0 amplifiers are designed to meet power requirements of JBL cinema speakers, for a single JBL cinema solution. D-models interface with Dolby Atmos directly, without the need for additional processing hardware. JBL Cinema Speaker presets simplify configuration, optimize playback audio and protect against equipment damage. All DSi 2.0 amps feature SNMP connectivity for networked audio distribution, immersive installations and direct interfacing with third-party theater-management and cinema-control systems.

Models supply 4 channels of amplification with bridgeable outputs in a single 2RU footprint, and can power up to four JBL surround speakers with a single amp channel in high-power-density 2Ω mode. All DSi 2.0 series amps incorporate best-in-class, 32-bit/96kHz floating-point DSP and Crown DriveCore technology, which replaces hundreds of internal components with a single processing chip for superior power density, stability and audio fidelity.

Cinema managers and integrators looking to maximize their power investment and future-proof their systems can count on the JBL DSi 2.0 series to deliver robust, reliable amplification in an efficient, cost-effective package.



  • Each amp offers 4 channels with bridgeable outputs to easily power JBL’s entire line of cinema speakers.
  • Amplifiers are engineered to meet exact power requirements of JBL cinema speakers, for a single JBL cinema solution.
  • A new amplifier design allows for high power output at 2Ω (SA and MA models), enabling up to 4 surround speakers to be powered by a single channel.
  • D-models interface with Dolby Atmos directly, without the need for additional processing hardware.
  • All models feature SNMP and ethernet connectivity for networking and third-party control; SA4-D, MA4-D and LA4-D models add Dante/AES67 connectivity.
  • All models include a HiQ port to interface with HARMAN Audio Architect control software over a standard TCP/IQ network.
  • Best-in-class, 96kHz/32-bit floating-point processing incorporates FIR filtering, LevelMAX™ limiting, 8-channel parametric EQ, delay settings and more.
  • Crown DriveCore technology replaces hundreds of amplifier parts with a single chip, for superior efficiency and reliability.
  • Built-in JBL Cinema Speaker presets match all JBL cinema loudspeakers; amps are power-matched with JBL cinema speakers for optimal performance and fast system configuration.
  • Recall presets, mute channels, monitor amplifier health and power on and off through a combined GPIO/AUX port.
  • SNMP connectivity allows direct interfacing with third-party theater-management and cinema-control systems.
  • An intuitive front-panel LCD and encoder interface let you configure amplifier settings at the push of a button.
  • Ultra-quiet operation: 51dBA maximum fan noise
  • All models are standard 19-inch (482mm) 2RU rackmount units.
  • Weight: 23.2 pounds (10.5 kg)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • THD: 0.35%
  • Power supply: 100–220V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Power connector: Standard IEC type, 320 inlet for detachable connector, 100–240V
  • Accommodates 10AWG wire


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  SA4 SA4-D MA4 MA4-D LA4 LA4-D
Front-Panel Interface Mute and configuration with encoder
Front-Panel Display LCD display and signal LED's (input/output)
Channels 4
Analog Audio Input Block connector
Digital Audio Input (Dante/AES67) N/A 2x RJ-45 N/A 2x RJ-45 N/A 2x RJ-45
Speaker Output Barrier terminal block, accommodates 10AWG wire
Network/Monitoring/Control RJ-45
GPIO/AUX 2in/2out block connector
Power Standard IEC
Rated Power (8Ω) 360W x 4 750W x 4 1,300W x 4
Rated Power (4Ω) 700W x 4 1,400W x 4 2,200W x 4
Rated Power (2Ω) 1,050W x 4 2,100W x 4 1,200W x 4
Rated Power (8Ω Bridged) 1,300W x 2 2,600W x 2 4,000W x 2
Rated Power (4Ω Bridged) 2,200W x 2 4,200W x 2 2,300W x 2
Digital Signal Processing 96kHz, 32-bit floating point
Voltage Gain (At 4,10,16dBu Sensitivity; 4/8Ω) 32.5/26.5/20.5dB 35.5/29.5/23.5dB 38/32/26dB
Frequency Response (4Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz) ±0.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (At full rated power, from - 30dB to full rated power) 0.35%
Analog input signal to noise ratio (ref.rated power, 'A'-WTD.) > 106dB > 105dB > 104dB
Analog Input Signal To Noise Ratio (Ref. Rated Power, 20hz To 20kHz) > 100dB > 99dB > 98dB
Intermodulation Distortion (60Hz And 7kHz At 4:1, From - 30dB To Full Rated Power) ±0.35dB
Damping Factor (20Hz To 100Hz) > 1000
Crosstalk (Below Rated Power, 20HZ – 1kHZ) > 80dB
Common Mode Rejection (20Hz – 1kHz, Typical) > 70dB
DC Output Offset (With Inputs Shorted) ±10mV
Input Impedance (Nominally Balanced, Nominally Unbalanced) 70 kΩ balanced, 35 kΩ unblanced
Maximum Input Level (Low Amp Gain Mode) +21dBU
Load Impedance Stereo/Dual Mode 2Ω –16Ω
Load Impedance Bridge Mono 4Ω – 16Ω
Maximum Fan Noise (Ref. dB SPL @ 1M) 51dBA
Power Supply 100 – 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Sleep GPIO/AUX connector
Dimensions (D x W x H) 17.21 x 18.98 x 3.46 in (437.2 x 482 x 88 mm)
Net Weight 23.15 lb (10.5 kg)





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DSi 2.0 Series

Next-Generation Amplifiers for JBL Cinema Loudspeakers