Vietnam National University, Vietnam

The Opportunity:

Founded in 1945, the state-owned Vietnam National currently offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in 131 Master programs, 126 Bachelor programs and 107 PhD programs in fields such as natural sciences, multi-industry technologies, social sciences and humanities, economics, education, foreign languages and more. In order to provide world-class audio for lectures, student activities and on-campus events in Nguyen Van Dao Hall, university leaders hired Ba Sao Investment to upgrade the aging sound system with a system that functioned well and would be able to work within the acoustic constraints of the existing architecture.

The Solution:

Ba Sao Investment installed a comprehensive audio system from HARMAN Professional Solutions. The HARMAN system installed in Nguyen Van Dao hall includes a main hang of JBL VRX932LA-1 line array speakers, supplemented by VRX918S subwoofers. VRX915M two-way speakers provide lecturers and performers with accurate, low-profile stage monitoring. The entire system is powered by Crown Macro-Tech i Series tour-grade amplifiers, while a Soundcraft GB4 analog console ensures a clean, professional-sounding mix at each event.

One of Ba Sao Investment’s biggest challenges was designing a system that would deliver proper coverage and clarity, despite the hall’s traditional architecture and high ceilings. Ba Sao Investment relied on a dbx DriveRack VENU360 loudspeaker management system to tune and optimize each speaker’s performance in the room.

The Impact:

“Vietnam National University is one of the most prestigious schools in Vietnam,” said Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment. “VNU officials asked us to design a sound system that would enhance the clarity and coverage in the hall, while minimizing early reflections and unwanted reverberation. We surveyed the venue and determined the specifications required to achieve the university’s goals. The HARMAN system we installed met all those specifications, while staying within their budget.”

“The biggest obstacle we faced was working within the acoustic constraints of the existing architecture of the hall,” continued Mr. Khac Anh. “Fortunately, HARMAN Professional Solutions provided all the necessary tools and processing power to achieve proper sound coverage in the hall, and all of the equipment worked together seamlessly—making it that much easier to optimize the system.”