Soboba Casino Resort, California

The Opportunity

Outfit the 480,000 square-foot gaming, entertainment and hospitality establishment operated by the Soboba Tribal Administration with a state-of-the-art audiovisual solution that is flexible and scalable enough to adapt to multiple scenarios including a new sports book operation should currently undecided legislation in California allow it.

The casino itself features a 90,000 square-foot gaming floor with 2,000 slot machines, 32 types of table games and a high-roller room. Attached to the casino is a Cabaret Lounge with a stage for live performances and a sports bar featuring two large video walls and numerous televisions. The complex also boasts a hotel with 200 guest rooms, an event center, and multiple dining venues.

The Solution

The Soboba Tribal Government hired Agility AVL to equip the entire complex with a complete HARMAN networked AV system including JBL Professional loudspeakers, AMX SVSI control systems, BSS signal processors and Martin lighting fixtures.

“We used all JBL speakers throughout the casino,” said Kevin Hill, VP of Marketing and Sales at Agility AVL. “We put VRX arrays in the entertainment lounge, as well as BSS signal processing. We used the SVSI 2200 series encoder/decoder system throughout the entire property to distribute various sources like DIRECTV and digital signage from SpinetiX.”

Soboba Casino Resort’s expansive AV system includes a total of 24 AMX NMX-ENC-N2122 encoders and 86 NMX-DEC-N2222 decoders. AMX N-Series controllers route television and digital signage data between the encoders and decoders via NMX-ENET-500 Ethernet switches. Other AMX solutions used include NXA-WAP-R500 wireless access points and MSD-701 L2 wall-mounted touch panels for increased control and flexibility.

For audio distribution, Agility AVL installed a wide selection of JBL loudspeakers throughout Soboba Casino Resort. JBL Control Contractor Series loudspeakers make up the main distributed audio system, including a variety of in-ceiling Control C/T models. Other specialized JBL loudspeakers include Control 25 AV indoor/outdoor monitors and Intellivox DS18 Active Beam Shaping loudspeaker arrays.

The Cabaret Lounge features a stage in one corner for live music and events, which is equipped with JBL VRX932LAP line array loudspeakers and VRX918SP subwoofers. The VRX932LAP’s 100-degree horizontal dispersion pattern provides adequate coverage across the entire room, while their 15-degree vertical dispersion ensures that sound doesn’t project onto the floor or ceiling. A BSS BLU-160 signal processor provides powerful DSP, specifically tailored to the VRX line arrays. JBL Control P/T pendant speakers hang from the room’s high ceiling, providing background music when the stage is not in use. The stage is lit by 12 Martin THRILL Mini Profile lighting fixtures.

The Impact

“Having a multitude of different products to choose from for very specific areas without losing any sound quality makes it very easy, and most companies don’t have that,” said Art Martinez, Account Executive at Agility AVL. “Most companies have a couple of different models, but not a variety of speaker types that can be utilized to the fullest throughout the whole property.”

“Since there’s no carpet, just a concrete painted floor, it poses a real challenge for any sound system,” said Martinez. “The VRX system is easy to tune, balance and focus, despite that factor and the lack of soundproofing in the lounge. That was one of the biggest reasons we went with VRX.”

“We love Harman, SVSI and the integration of everything,” said Hill. “We tend to use a lot of HARMAN products because of their versatility and the multitude of products available. You can pretty much find a speaker for any application out there that you could possibly need.”