Indeogwon Catholic Church, South Korea

The Opportunity

Belonging to South Korea’s Suwon diocese, Indeogwon Catholic Church was established on February 14, 1997 in the city of Anyang, just South of Seoul. To enhance the sound quality of sermons and music performances, church officials recently decided to upgrade the church’s existing sound system with a modern solution capable of delivering crystal-clear sound throughout the entire venue.

The Solution

With the help of leading distributor TechData Co., Ltd. and integration company BADAANT, Indeogwon Catholic Church installed a cutting-edge HARMAN audio system featuring class-leading solutions from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, AKG and dbx.

In order to deliver clear, balanced sound throughout the venue, TechData and BADAANT equipped the church with a wide range of JBL loudspeakers, including Intellivox HP-DS370 column loudspeaker arrays and AXYS B-121 G2 subwoofers, which use beam-shaping technology for unparalleled speech intelligibility. To provide additional coverage, TechData and BADAANT selected AC28/95 loudspeakers for their impressive output. TechData and BADAANT installed a pair of CBT 70J-1 line array columns with Constant Beamwidth Technology™ and asymmetrical vertical coverage to ensure sound can be heard clearly at the back of the church. Control 16C/T ceiling speakers and Control 25-1 indoor/outdoor loudspeakers were installed throughout the church to provide pristine sound in additional areas. TechData and BADAANT deployed a pair of LSR305 studio monitors at the front of house mix position to provide engineers with a reliable reference monitor that accurately translates to the PA speakers. The system is powered using Crown CDi 1000, CDi 2000 and XLi 2500 amplifiers.

To capture crisp, clear sound for sermons and performances, TechData and BADAANT equipped the church with class-leading AKG microphones, including the CGN521 STS professional tabletop microphone set, C214 condenser microphone and D5 S handheld vocal microphones. To control signals from a variety of sources, TechData and BADAANT equipped the church with a Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console and an EPM6 six-channel mixer for their unrivalled sound quality and versatile effects. A dbx DriveRack VENU360 loudspeaker management processor provides an array of powerful signal processors for fine-tuning the response of the system.

The Impact

“The priest at the Indeogwon Catholic Church requested a sound system that was distinctive yet powerful,” said Brad Park, Sales Representative, TechData Co., Ltd. “Since the main hall is fairly large, the setup had to provide even sound distribution to the back of the room, while ensuring that the priest’s voice is brought forth with exemplary levels of clarity. Also, it was a matter of great pride for us that two of the units, the JBL Intellivox HP-DS370 and AXY-710121 AXYS B-121 subwoofer, were the first of their kind to be installed in South Korea.”

“We were seeking a comprehensive audio solution that would allow every visitor in the church to be able to hear our priests’ words clearly and distinctly,” said an audio engineer at Indeogwon Catholic Church. “Due to the high ceilings of the church, it was also necessary for the system to provide equal sound distribution throughout the building. On the whole, we are extremely satisfied with the solutions provided by TechData Co., Ltd., and BADAANT.”