Humax Cinema, Japan

The Opportunity

Featuring 10 screens and accommodating up to 1,200 guests, Humax Cinema is one of the most versatile movie complexes in Japan. In addition to showing films, the cinema doubles as a multipurpose venue that hosts jazz performances and other live sound events. Elevating its facility to include world-class audio, Humax Cinema wanted to upgrade to a state-of-the-art sound system that delivered pristine acoustics and provided guests an unforgettable experience, especially during movies.

The Solution

Using a combination of JBL cinema loudspeakers, Xebex equipped the theaters with unparalleled sound. Featuring JBL’s renowned ScreenArray design, C222 two-way and 5732 three-way ScreenArray loudspeakers deliver pristine sound, maximum output as well as consistent and optimal coverage. Further adding excellent audio performance, the solution also includes JBL 9300, 9320 and 9350 Cinema Surround Speakers, which combine impressive sound with the flexibility to tailor coverage to fit a theater’s unique environment. Plus, making the audience feel like they’re in the movie, Xebex deployed 4642A dual 18” cinema subwoofers to complement the loudspeakers and deliver detailed, authoritative low end.

The Impact

“The client wanted to create an immersive theater space to entertain visitors and provide a remarkable movie experience,” said Ryuichi Ishikawa, Vice President of Xebex Inc. “This is the first cinema complex in Japan where the Sculpted Surround System is installed in every auditorium. It enables the audience to enjoy high-quality audio from any corner of the theater. HARMAN’s state-of-the-art audio system fully revolutionized the sound experience for cinema lovers, bringing a level of immersion that has never been seen in a movie theater before.”

“At Humax Cinema, we were committed to building a superior movie ecosystem that meets global standards,” said Tomoaki Harada, Assistant Manager of Humax Cinema Inc. “We are proud to be the first facility to introduce the Sculpted Surround System in Japan and offer audiences the ultimate theater experience.”