Clearwing Productions, United States

The Opportunity

Clearwing Productions, a full-service provider of pro audio, lighting, video and production equipment has physical offices strategically located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado.

Clearwing updated their loudspeaker inventory to increase production capabilities for a wide-range of high-profile clients including Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Summerfest, the NFL, the Blue Man Group, The White House and more.

The Solution

In order to increase their production capabilities for a wide range of clients and events, Clearwing selected HARMAN Professional products including JBL VTX A12 and A8 line array systems, S28 subwoofers and Crown VRack amplifiers.

JBL worked closely with Clearwing to integrate the A12 system into numerous productions over the last two years, including the 2017 and 2018 Summerfest festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the system produced excellent results for a wide range of artists on three stages. Based on the excellent performance of A12 and the close relationship between the Clearwing and JBL teams, Clearwing decided to purchase A12 as well as the new VTX A8 speakers for use in smaller venues and events, and for supplementing the A12 system when required.

The Impact

“The VTX A12 sounds good and it’s got finesse, but the big thing for us is the versatility of the box,” said Jamie Earle, Director of Engineering, Clearwing Productions. “The A12 delivers high SPL, but it’s also fairly small and lightweight, so we’ll be able to take it to reasonably large festivals or stadium tours. One of the biggest selling points of this system is the rigging system—it’s really quick and one of the best I’ve seen. On a lot of tours, we go between big venues and tiny theaters, so it will be really useful to have a box that is so flexible. As for the VTX A8, we will use it for theaters and corporate events, or on side stages, front fills and out fills for bigger events. Any box that size just flies out of our door because it’s very versatile.”

“We’ve enjoyed a long lasting relationship with Clearwing, and we’ve enjoyed working closely with their incredible team to integrate VTX A12 into Summerfest 2019 and other productions during the year,” said Andy Flint, Vice President of Live Entertainment, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We’re pleased to have the opportunity to create an inventory of JBL live sound solutions, beyond the significant inventory of Martin lighting, that they can now use on everything from global tours to large festivals to corporate events and more.”

“Two years ago, JBL flew us down to LA when the A12 was in the pipeline, which was really cool because we had some suggestions about the speakers that they actually took moving forward,” said Earle. “We were quite impressed that they were willing to listen to our perspective on what the product should be, and actually work with us to make things happen. They also let us demo the A12 system for a couple years with their applications engineers looking after it, which was awesome. A big part of our decision was the relationship they forged with us because they were so involved over the years.”